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CWYW 1: After installing Reference Manager and opening Microsoft Word, I do not see the Reference Manager toolbar or commands under the Tools menu. How can I fix this? Answer
CWYW 2: When I open Microsoft Word I get an error message, "The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your macro security settings", and the Reference Manager tools do not work. How can I fix this? Answer
CWYW 3: When I try to use any of the Reference Manager tools in Word, nothing happens. There is no error message or anything, but the tools do nothing. How can I fix this? Answer
CWYW 4: Instead of seeing my regular citations, I'm seeing strange code, which looks something like { ADDIN REFMGR.CITE <Refman><Cite><Year>... What can I do to fix this? Answer
CWYW 5: After using Track Changes in my document, the document won't format properly, or I'm getting errors with the tools in this document, such as "Unknown Error". What can I do to resolve this? Answer
CWYW 6: My cursor jumps around when inserting citations or formatting the bibliography, or I'm having problems using the tools in my document and suspect the problem has to do with the field codes. How can I clean up field codes in my document? Answer
CWYW 7: Word crashes or gives an error when I try to insert a large number of citations together. How can I correct this? Answer
CWYW 8: I'm getting a dialog box that says "Reference Manager Select Matching Reference". What does this mean and how do I resolve this? Answer
CWYW 9: I've made changes to the references in my database, but those changes aren't reflected in my document. How can I correct this? Answer
CWYW 10: I've typed changes into my citations or in the bibliography, but the changes are overwritten by the Reference Manager program. How can I resolve this? Answer
CWYW 11: How do I get page numbers to properly show up in my citations? I've tried the "Edit Citation" command, and put the page numbers in the Pages field, but that doesn't work. Answer
CWYW 12: My numbered citations are not starting with number 1, even though I'm using a style that sorts the citations in the order of appearance. How can I resolve this? Answer
CWYW 13: My citations have all shifted up one position in my document. How can I fix this? Answer
CWYW 14: I have a document that was created using an older version of Reference Manager, but I cannot get the new version of Reference Manager to recognize the citations in the Microsoft Word document. What do I need to do to work with this document using my new version of Reference Manager? Answer
CWYW 15: I installed Reference Manager and see the menu options in the Tools menu of Microsoft Word, but I don't see the toolbar. Where is it? Answer
CWYW 16: Why did I receive the message "Please select 1024 or fewer characters" when attempting to insert a citation using Insert Citation? Answer
CWYW 17: I received the message "Please move the insert point outside of the reference list" when attempting to insert a citation. Answer
CWYW 18: When I Insert Marked References, this only inserts records from the last database I was in, right? Answer
CWYW 19: I highlighted a word (e.g. "residues") in my manuscript and clicked Find Citation, but my database reference wasn't found. Answer
CWYW 20: When printing a bibliography I checked the box to include an optional field (such as reference ID) but it didn't print. Why not? Answer
CWYW 21: I'm getting an error that says an attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end. What does this mean? Answer
CWYW 22: When I try to Generate Bibliography I get the following error: "A Reference Manager reference cannot be read (error 7401)". How can I resolve this? Answer
CWYW 23: How do I exclude the author or year from my citations? Answer
CWYW 24: What is the Databases Used field? Why can't I add my library here? Answer
CWYW 25: If I've removed the field codes, is there a way to return them? Answer
CWYW 26: How do I double-space or single-space my bibliography, or change the font for the bibliography? Answer
CWYW 27: Can I have Reference Manager automatically open and close when I open or close Word? Answer
CWYW 28: The Reference Manager tools are not showing up in the Add-Ins tab of Word 2007. How can I add them? Answer
CWYW 29: How can I create chapter bibliographies with Reference Manager? Answer
CWYW 30: How can I convert a word document and database from EndNote, while maintaining the RefIDs? Answer
CWYW 31: In Word, I only see the EndNote Web or EndNote tools. How do I get the Reference Manager 12 or later tools to appear? Answer
Database 1: What is the correct way to rebuild a database? Answer
Database 2: I backed up my database files to a CD-ROM and then copied them onto a different computer. But now I get error messages when I try to open the database. What's wrong and how can I fix it? Answer
Database 3: When I look in the folder where my database is saved I see two files that have the same name as my database. Why are there two files? Can I delete one of them? Answer
Database 4: How can I move, back up, or transfer my database to another computer? Answer
Database 5: What happens if I don't close the database before I exit Reference Manager? Answer
Database 6: I need to interrupt the rebuilding of my database. What happens when I do? Answer
Database 7: The rebuilding of my database unexpectedly quit (due to a power failure). What do I need to do to continue the rebuild process? Answer
Database 8: Why did I receive the message "The database was beyond Reference Manager's ability to rebuild it. To access this database, you will need to restore a backup of the database" when I tried to rebuild a database? Answer
Database 9: I'm getting a 12001, 12023, 12031, 12037, 12043 or 12049 error when working in my database. What does this message mean and how can I resolve it? Answer
Database 10: How do I open a Reference Manager 10 or later database in Reference Manager 8 or 9? Answer
Database 11: Why do the number of references in my database not match the Reference ID numbers for my references? Answer
Database 12: In Reference Manager 12, When more than a few people are in the database, we are noticing slowness. How can we correct this? Answer
Import 1: When trying to export citations from a website in my web browser I always get a "File not found" error and the records do not appear in my Reference Manager database. How can I fix this? Answer
Import 2: Can I convert a ProCite database to Reference Manager? Answer
Import 3: Can I convert an EndNote database to Reference Manager? Answer
Import 4: How can I download and import references from PubMed's website? Answer
Import 5: I have a list of references in a document that was not created using Reference Manager. Can I import these into Reference Manager? Answer
Import 6: Why did I receive a message stating "Error adding reference. Unable to continue" while trying to import/capture a text file? Answer
Import 7: How can I import references from Google Scholar? Answer
Import 8: When submitting a grant to the NIH, they require that the PMC number be included for all references. How do I do this? Answer
Import 9: I am importing text files into Reference Manager 12 in the RIS format, or using direct export and some fields are not importing well. How can I fix this? Answer
Install 1: What versions of Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and other word processors is Reference Manager compatible with? Answer
Install 2: What are the system requirements for Reference Manager? What operating systems are compatible? Answer
Install 3: What versions of Reference Manager are still actively supported by Thomson ResearchSoft Customer Technical Support? Answer
Install 4: I'm getting a 1935 error message when trying to install Reference Manager 11 or later. How can I resolve this problem? Answer
Install 5: I purchased the download version of Reference Manager, and need to reinstall, but I no longer have the installer file on my computer. How can I re-download the software? Answer
Install 6: I have installed the full version, but it says that it's the demo version instead. How can I resolve this? Answer
Install 7: Can I activate my demo version to a full version? Answer
Install 8: If I use the demo version now to create databases and bibliographies, will I be able to transfer my data from the demo version to the full version? Answer
Install 9: I bought the upgrade version. What is the correct way to upgrade my old version? Answer
Install 10: How can I deploy Reference Manager to many users/computers? Answer
Install 11: What level of user rights (e.g. User, Power User, Administrator) does Reference Manager require to install and run correctly? Answer
Install 12: When trying to install it always hangs or stops before the installation is complete. What's wrong? Answer
Install 13: Should I uninstall my old version of Reference Manager before installing the new version? Answer
Install 14: I just bought the download version, but I am not sure where I saved the installer file I just downloaded. What is this file called? How can I find it on my computer? Answer
Install 15: I just bought the download version, but when I try to run the installer file I always get an error message that reads "Not a valid Win32 application". What's wrong and how can I fix it? Answer
Install 16: I'm getting an APPDATA Environment Variable error when running the Configure Reference Manager program, and the Reference Manager program itself won't start. How can I fix this? Answer
Install 17: When trying to install Reference Manager 11, I'm getting a 1722 error. How can I resolve this? Answer
Install 18: I'm getting a Member Not Found error, how can I fix this? Answer
Install 19: Do the tools install for more than one user account? Answer
Install 20: Is Reference Manager Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act compliant? Answer
Install 21: Is Reference Manager Citrix or Terminal server compatible? Answer
Install 22: What are the data limitations in the program? Answer
Install 23: Does Reference Manager run on Windows installed on a Macintosh? Answer
Install 24: After installing EndNote X3, I no longer have the Reference Manager 12 options in the CWYW toolbar. How can I fix this? Answer
Interface 1: When I open Reference Manager, why are the tools in the toolbar grayed out? Answer
Interface 2: Why is the item that I would like to select from the menu unavailable or grayed out? Answer
Interface 3: The references displayed in the Reference List do not show the references I just added. Where are they? Answer
Interface 4: Whenever I check for duplicates in Reference Manager it never finds any, but I am sure there are some duplicate records. How can I get this to work? Answer
Interface 5: Why are the Field and Type Edit, Term Manager, or Global Edit tools grayed out or inactive? Answer
Interface 6: When I try to open my database by double-clicking on it, Reference Manager 11 comes up and gives the error "Reference Manager Version 11.0.0 has encountered a problem and needs to close." How can I avoid this? Answer
Interface 7: My computer has more than one monitor, and the Reference Manager popup browser windows do not seem to be working properly. How do I get them to work? Answer
Interface 8: When I attempt to use the Help menu in Reference Manager 11 I get the message, "Cannot find or load the file RoboEx32.dll. This file should be copied to C:\WINDOWS\system32 or a directory in your PATH." How can I fix this? Answer
Network 1: With the Network Edition, we're getting a message that the maximum number of concurrent users has been reached. How can we fix this? Answer
Network 2: Can multiple users enter the same database and edit records at the same time? Answer
Network 3: What happens when two users edit the same reference? Answer
Network 4: How is the Reference Manager Network program installed? Answer
Network 5: How are access rights assigned? Answer
Network 6: Can user-specific settings be saved locally, for example can users save their custom Output Styles or Import filters on their local workstation? Answer
Network 7: Since Reference Manager version can perform useful operations across multiple databases (duplicate detection, retrieval, generating bibliography), can these operations be performed across multiple databases when they reside on the network and on workstations? Answer
Web Publisher 1: I am trying to enable the Web Publisher feature in Reference Manager 11 or later, but it automatically disables itself. How can I fix this? Answer
Web Publisher 2: Do you have any tips on using the Web Publisher feature? Answer
Searching 1: I am trying to search PubMed using a direct connection with Reference Manager 9.5 or earlier, but I always get a message, "No documents found for the specified search". How can I fix this? Answer
Searching 2: For some reason, in the Title field for some of my references there is a number on a second line within this field. In the bibliography, this displays a new line with a random number just after the title in a given reference. How can I correct this? Answer
Searching 3: Why did I receive the message "Parameter not found" when I tried to perform a retrieval? Answer
Searching 4: I received the message "Parameter syntax error" when I tried to perform a retrieval. What does this mean? Answer
Searching 5: Why did I receive the message "Range error in parameter" when I tried to perform a retrieval based on reference ID or publication year? Answer
Searching 6: Why do I receive the message "Parameter list is full. Delete a line before inserting another" when I try to insert another parameter line into my search strategy? Answer
Searching 7: When I try to search PubMed or the Web of Science in Reference Manager I get "No Matching References Found" when I know it should return some results or I get a time-out error message after two minutes. My computer uses a proxy server. How can I fix this Answer
Searching 8: I always get a "Host refused connection" error when I try to use Reference Manager's Internet Search, even for connections that do not require a subscription, or the connection always times out. My computer is behind a firewall. How can I fix this? Answer
Styles 1: I am looking for an output style, but I do not see it in the list of styles that comes with Reference Manager. What can I do? Answer
Styles 2: How can I search for an output style in Reference Manager? Answer
Styles 3: I am having problems saving my output style, or after saving the style I am getting errors. How do I fix this? Answer
Terms 1: How do I get my journal names to abbreviate or show the full journal name properly? Answer
Terms 2: Whenever I manually type in reference data, some fields in the record appear as Greek characters, and I cannot change the characters to regular Latin text no matter what I try. How can I fix this? Answer
Terms 3: Is it better to select items in the keyword, author or periodical name fields using the Automatic Popup Browser? If so, what are the advantages? Answer
Terms 4: How can I enter new authors or keywords if the popup browser ignores what I type? Answer
Terms 5: Is there any way to activate a popup list only if I want it? Answer
Terms 6: When entering keywords, do I have to enter both singular and plural keyword? Answer
Terms 7: What is the correct way to enter keywords that consist of more than one word (e.g. "water moccasin")? Answer
Terms 8: Why do I receive the message "Periodical already in term list. You may not add it as a synonym" when I add a new periodical synonym in the Term Manager? Answer
Terms 9: When using Global Delete to remove a periodical in the Term Manager I receive the message "... and its synonyms may not be deleted while in references. Currently it is contained in references." What does this mean? Answer
Terms 10: I received the error message "You cannot continue because you will exceed the limit of 255 synonyms for a term." What does this mean? Answer
Terms 11: I received the error message "Cannot save an empty synonym list. Please input at least one synonym before saving." What does this mean? Answer
Terms 12: I received the error message "The synonym is a duplicate synonym. Please remove duplicate occurrence before saving." How can I correct it? Answer
Terms 13: I selected a term from the Synonyms list and deleted it using the backspace key. Why does it still appear in the Terms list? Answer
Terms 14: What is the Periodical Term/Word Dictionary? Answer

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